So far I have loss around 12 pounds.  I am very grateful to have lost this much weight so far.  I have struggled the last 2 weeks overall.  I was down about 15 pounds and I gained 3 pounds back.  I ended up resorting back to a few unhealthy food cravings.

My lifestyle change must be starting to take hold of me.  With the last couple of weeks not going my way as far as my diet I am happy to report that I didn’t just quit and throw the towel in.  I simply realized I made a set back and to continue I need to focus on today and make today better for my health.

I am sort of taking the AA appaorch to this weight-loss and just taking a day at a time.  Some times I need to just focus on the moment and get through my cravings.

The single best occurrence from this focus on weight-loss -my change in attitude.  I am right now happier than I have been in a long time.  I am being mindful and present in the moment more lately. I am directly relating this positive change in my personal well being with the few pounds that I have lost already.

I am looking forward towards the future and waiting to see a fitter more healthier version of me in the mirror in the upcoming weeks.

This last week I struggled with this new diet.  I did not stick 100% to my plan. I veered off course – slightly. In total I l have lost 11 lbs in 14 days with no problems.   The last week I think I lost possibly one pound. This is very frustrating for me.  I went as far as avoiding WeightWatchers for my weigh-in.

My weigh-in day is every Saturday.  I knew I was not going to be out of town this Saturday.  Instead of weighing in early I opted out waiting for next week.  I could not face the scale and see no weight lost for the week.

I became frustrated with the slowed pace in my weight lost this past week.  I want instant results.  I wanted to keep having 5 pounds of fat removed each week.  I know this is unrealistic and not even in-line with my original goal.   I love overachieving and up-until now thought this plan was going to be a walk in the park.

Struggling is a process.  Struggling with the system last week was an eye-opener for me.  My biggest downfalls in weight gain happen when I do not feel in control of what I am eating.  I am learning that I can eat just about anything as long as I stay in control of what I consume and make decisions based on what I am eating.  If I feel like using more points go ahead, however I need to remember when the points are gone I cannot allow myself to cheat.  I just will not learn to control myself in the long run if I let the points slip by.

I am loving the WeightWatchers Points system.  I am tracking points daily. However, I do miss a few tracking events.  I am struggling and learning.  Hopefully in a few months I will develop new habits that will carry over to help me stay focused on staying healthy.

I just need to remember that I may be able to lie to my weight watcher app about what I am eating, but the scale is not lying back to me when I step on it.  In the end I am looking to lose weight and not be the best food tracker in WeightWatchers.  I just need the guide to help direct me in the right direction.  So far WeightWatchers is a good guide.

I am happy with my progress.  It just not easy trying to lose weight the healthy way and the right way.  Overtime I plan on improving, getting better, and achieving my goal.

A Step in the Right Direction

4 September, 2014 — 2 Comments

Victory!  I lost a little over 5 lbs. last week.  This is a huge victory.  In a little over a week I feel like I am gaining my energy back.  I feel more refreshed and mental more focused than I have felt in a ling time.

Last week was not easy.  The first couple of days I was not doing well.  I wanted sugar. I decided that candy bars was one item that I was going to give up.  Over the last 2 years candy bars especially peanut butter cups, peanut butter M&M’s, and Snicker Bars represent stress relief.   I was eating 2 to 4 king size bars a day.  Once I made the commit to start eating healthy I decided to stop candy bars all together.

I have in the last week indulged in a small piece of pecan pie during a family dinner.  This was a small reward for me.  It felt good to eat a small bite of a homemade treat. I did not eat seconds and felt satisfied with the small bite.  Overall that was a victory. I had some self control.

Losing 5 lbs. represents 10% of the weight I want to lose.  Right now my big goal is getting down to 225 as I think this is a number that lets me mentally feel more successful on this journey.

Overall it was a good learning week.  I am gaining confidence and looking forward to the future.

It is time for me to be honest with myself. I am overweight. I am struggling to lose weight. I have tried to lose weight for the last 18 months and have failed. Now that I have it out in the open that I am overweight. It is time for me to deal with the bigger issue which is, “what am I going to do about being overweight”.

The last year (2014) has been extremely frustrating when it comes to weight loss for me. I actually tried most of the year to lose weight. I lost weight, then regained the weigh. I think I ended up gained 10lbs in the entire process. I am really tired of the dieting “yo-yo”. I am focusing my attention on learning how to eat right. I know what foods are good for me and what foods are bad for me. I just don’t know how to eat properly and put an entire day of healthy eating together. I like eating. I love Pizza. I love Sweets. I love BBQ. Worse yet is after a few days of healthy eating I typically follow it up with a few days of incredibly unhealthy eating.

Eating Healthy just doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t understand portion sizes, and portion control. I can remember back a few years when I was a slimmer version of myself and I was eating what I thought was healthy food. It wasn’t, I ate huge portions of so-called healthy foods. When looking back I was eating a few thousand calories of healthier food. However, my portions and amounts of food intake were out of control. It no wonder I am overweight today. As soon as I replace “healthy” foods for “comfort” foods I quickly gain large amounts of weight.

In 1997, leaving High School I was about 230 lbs. In 2000 I went down to about 200lbs. In early 2006 I was on my way to 300lbs, 18 months later I was below 200lbs. In 2011 I managed to get all the way down to 185lbs. Here I am at the end of August 2014 and I am back up to 240 lbs. It cannot be good for my body to have these huge weight fluctuations.

When I am feeling healthy and I have a lower body weight I have all the energy and positive attitude in the world. When I feel heavy I am tired and typically negative. Being fit not only has positive physiological effects but also has positive psychological effects.

Here are my 10 reasons for wanting to get fit and learn to eat right for a healthy life.

  1. I want to enjoy a long happy life.
  2. I want my daughter to see a healthy, strong, fit father
  3. I want to see my daughter grow up and enjoy life.
  4. I want to be able to enjoy the outdoors and do activities that I am passionate about hiking, exploring the outdoors, running long distances.
  5. I want to look awesome for my wife.
  6. I want to wear more fashionable clothing.
  7. I want to look younger.
  8. I want to outperform younger people around me at work.
  9. I want to be positive and full of energy.
  10. Did I mention I want to live a long happy life!

I am committing myself to losing 50lbs and getting back down to 190lbs.

I will be using my webpage to keep me focused on my goal. I believe sharing and documenting a journey is very valuable. I am pretty sure I am not the only person in the world that struggles with weight lost. Actually I am pretty sure it is an important topic. Book Stores have rows of books focused on weight-loss, dieting, and self-help. We all need help and reminders “Health is the Most Valuable Wealth”.

I am committing myself to losing 50lbs and getting back down to 190lbs. This goal will take me anywhere from 25 weeks to 50 weeks to complete. I am figuring this time frame based around a goal of 1lbs. to 2lbs. per week. I know the first couple of weeks I will experience more weight lost than any other time once I startp, I will hit a plateau, and then will really need to fight near the end to maintain and hit my goal.

In order to achieve my goal I have joined WeightWatchers ™ which I feel is really a good program to understand better eating habits and routines. Having studied so many diet books I think other diets may be better suited for particular goals once you understand the basic guidelines of healthy eating. However, if you don’t understand principles of healthy eating, just eating better will not help lose weight and keep the weight off. Plus I know me and what I like to eat. I can eliminate certain foods for a certain amount of time. However, I will go back to them. Like I said, I like Pizza, I like sweets, and I like BBQ. WeightWatchers doesn’t avoid foods. You get points and you have choices. I have a limited amount of daily points, plus I have my weekly allowance points. I just need to make a choice. I am in control. I like that about this system. No excuses, you succeed or fail but its all up to you. Each individual has enough points to enjoy a “Bad Habit” if you decide to over do the points then a program like this is not for you. This is why I am using WeightWatcher ™ I think it will hold me accountable to me goals.

I also will be doing exercise. I plan on using T25 for 25 minutes 5 days a week. This program is similar to crossfit. I travel for work and joining a gym just doesn’t work right now. Playing a DVD works for me. I don’t want to lift weights but working muscle groups really can help generate fat loss production.

I also run. My running over the next several weeks will be very structured. I will be running 4 to 5 days. Roughly 45 minutes for 75% of the week. 1 run will be 90 minutes per week. I will be using set times to test my fitness. All workouts will be some type of interval training run. I will run a set distance, time, or hill for my workout. I will be running on my treadmill, road, and trails. I will keep workouts limited to time and track each workout to see if I start to gain more distance in the established time per run.

Part of my journey will be to update my personal webpage once a week. This site will be my accountability partner. I am hoping that I will enjoy reading this post a year from now.

What are you doing to get healthier?

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